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Don’t let PA stop you from earning your ASA!

5 Years

That’s the average time required to pass all the exams to get an ASA.

The pass rate of the predictive analytics exam 56%.  And this includes people who are taking PA for a second time.  

Having to retake PA adds another 6 months to this journey.  

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Sam Castillo

Sam Castillo

Founder of; Milliman, Predictive Modeler; Willis Towers Watson, Actuarial Analyst; 2019 SOA Predictive Analytics Contest, 1st Place.

Content Samples

Study Materials

While meeting all of the learning requirements of Exam PA, this study manual shows you:

  • R programming examples
  • How to get your data into R
  • How to clean it
  • How to create graphs

How to use models to derive business value.


250 Pages / 18 Chapters (Online Book), Practice Exercises

  • Written in the CPT format of real exams. 
  • Use RStudio, Word, and Excel  
  • Calculate your exam score and compare it to other people to discover your weak areas. 
  • Fast forward through solution videos  

6 hrs 19 mins (Videos), 15 hrs, 45 mins (Self-Paced Learning)

  • “Perfect score” recordings from past exams
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions in RStudio, Excel, and Word
  • Reduce test anxiety with alternative methods of answering the questions 

 24 hrs 15 mins (Videos), 41 hrs, 55 mins (Self-Paced Learning)

Writing & Communication

  • Typing tests to improve writing speed
  • Writing tips for non-native English speakers
  • Non-technical vs. technical writing examples
  • How to explain your thought processes to earn partial credit
  • Strategies to avoid brain fog and writer’s block

Predictive Analytics 

  • Lesson videos save you time from working through the SOA modules
  • R programming tutorials teach only the basics of what you need to pass
  • How to avoid technical difficulties, computer crashes, and code bugs

(7 hrs 54 mins (Videos), 16 hrs, 49 mins (Self-Paced Learning).

  • Easy-to-memorize definitions
  • ggplot2 graph graphs with annotations
  • Advantages and disadvantages of every model
  • Review the critical info needed to pass
  • Removes unecessary code snippets from the Data Vizualization and Base R cheat sheets

14 pages & simplified Prometric cheat sheets

  • Proven spaced repetition system (SRS) helps you learn faster than doing practice questions alone
  • Compatible with Desktop or Android
  • iPhone requires the AnkiDroid app which is $25 in the App Store

200 cards.

Smart planning

Reduce test anxiety

Exam-Taking Tips

We study the syllabus closely to anticipate which questions are likely to appear on your exam.

Study from anywhere with the course App.  Do you have a long commute?  Download the videos and watch them offline.  Chat with course instructors and review lesson material from your smart phone or tablet.

Collaborative Discussion

We're a community of actuarial students who are helping each other to pass. Our online forum contains more than 20 topics dating back to December of 2019. Read the archives to find out how other people have passes successfully.

We're here for you until you pass Exam PA

Join the hundreds of actuaries who have used our course to pass Exam PA.  We do more than just give you study materials – we commit to helping each of our customers to pass their exam.


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We understand that life sometimes disrupts even the best study schedules.  There are no “license periods” or “subscription renewals” – we give you access to study materials for as long as you need them.

The overall pass rate for Exam PA is only 52%.  Our Extended Access Gaurantee means that even if you are unsuccessful on a first attempt, we will continue to give you the latest study materials – including tutorials on all future exams.

To be eligible, a registered user must actively take the exam and not receive a passing score.  Access will be granted automatically at no charge to the original subscriber for the next sitting of the exam.  The products and services will be the same as were originally purchased.  This offer is only valid for consecutive exam sittings.

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