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Exam PA Data Visualization

“Garbage in; garbage out” is a common saying when working with predictive models.  No matter how complex the model, if the data is bad, the entire result will be bad.  Every sitting of Exam PA has begun with questions about the data, and so practicing this skill is guaranteed to help you on your exam.  

15 points were given to data exploration on the June 16, 2020, Exam.  This counts for more than 15% because a mistake here would cascade into other mistakes at the later questions. That being said, there is no need to become an expert to pass.  They will give you template code that you can use, and you can get a feel for the types of questions that they ask by looking at the December 2020 exam.  Have you used Excel’s Pivot Tables before?  Then you already have a basic intuition of working with data.  It is even better if you’ve worked with SQL.

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