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How to Pass Exam PA

Passing exam PA requires you to master predictive analytics.  You have a busy schedule, are working a fulltime job or are in school, and do not have 300+ study hours to sink into exam PA.  We get it.  This examination preparation webinar tells you how to learn these concepts and pass the exam quickly.  

Instead of relying on a study manual, you can learn faster by watching videos and doing lots of example problems.  Practice on real problems to be ready for the test.  

Speaker Bios


Dave is a technology evangelist and insurance professional with a strong background in actuarial science, predictive analytics, complexity sciences, life underwriting, and systems development.

His specialty is working with highly talented experts in insurance and related financial services, and helping them leverage their expertise by introducing or inventing creative technology-based tools for them to overcome obstacles that limit their potential.

Dave currently teaches AI Machine Learning at Maryville University in St. Louis, MO and he is the long-time Editor of the Society of Actuaries Predictive Analytics and Futurism section newsletter.

Ahmed Rasheed, Data Scientist

Ahmed works as a Machine Learning Engineer at RevolveAI. His master’s is in electrical engineering from NUST and research focused on machine learning. He develops complex 3D computer vision systems leveraging the visual data on a very large scale. He has designed and developed a robust object tracking library for RevolveAI, developed a multi-camera stream analysis system for human pose estimation and tracking.

Review the core concepts 

Our Data Science Experts share experiences from being “inside the trenches” of the insurance industry using machine learning.  We go over all topics on the syllabus to show you how they connect to one another.  

You will get a double-dose of PA material as I review the most critical topics, talk about the topics and questions which were most likely to appear in the June exam, and offer a collection of strategies and advice for succeeding on this exam.  You will be able to take a break, gather your thoughts, and gear up for the days leading up to PA.  So start now!  This was our student’s “checkpoint” before the exam, so don’t worry about being too aggressive with your study schedule.  In fact, try to be.  Learn faster than you ever have.  And when you have gaps in your knowledge, then ask them in your webinar and review them the days leading up to your exam.

Ask me anything 

About taking this exam from when to take a bathroom break to how to calculate a decision tree’s entropy.  Live surveys will let you see what other people taking this course are planning to do.

So, are you ready to join?

The sooner you start, the better prepared you’ll be by exam day and you may be able to take studying at a slower pace. If you’re not sure when you’re going to take the exam, you can still join now. I’ll help you figure that out.

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